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Premier Oilskim Systems Pvt. Ltd

is engaged in manufacturing Oil Skimmers. Company has made it’s mark as an outfit that seeks to achieve customer satisfaction through technological excellence. The company has taken it’s Oil Skimmers on a different plane all together, through technical innovations that constantly accrue to their superior quality


We have a very strong & dependable infrastructure that is comprised of engineers after sales service technicians & highly skilled laborers & state of the precision machinery. We constantly keep the Product development team under the supervision of our technical experts who constantly keep posted about the present status of field trials and customers feedback on technical requirement form Oil skimmers & cost effectiveness.

We are manufacturing absolute import substitute compatible and technically perfect Oil Skimmers used in variety of Application like ETP, STP, Waste Water etc. We are manufacturing Oil Skimmers for last 12 years. We have developed our Skimmers to give best performance as regard to any Application. We guarantee our equipments for quality and technical ability as compared to any imported make and type.

We accept orders on the condition to install against order and if customer is satisfied by the performance of our equipment then only to pay or else we take back. We accepted and replaced so many imported Oil Skimmers costing very high by our units, which are now working satisfactorily at our customer sites. You are invited to this by talking or if possible visit the site of our installations.