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Tube Type Oil Skimmers and Manufacturer - Oilskimmer

Tube Type Oil Skimmers

Tube Type Oil Skimmers Description

Engineering Specs for Tube Type Oil Skimmer
Below given are the typical Tube oil skimmer engineering specification for an industrial quality Tube Type Oil Skimmer with Dia. ¾²(18mm) Collector Tube and Foot Mount.

General Observation
Tube-type oil skimmer unit shall be used and designed for the removal of free floating oils from the surface of water in a sump. The basic advantage in using Tube type oil skimmer is that the tube floats on the water and thus more free floating oil sticks to the tube and thus it is more efficient.

The skimmer shall be mounted on a pre-engineered and fabricated stand that elevates the unit such that the elevation of the oil discharge pipe is approximately 1.1 Metres above the ground level so that oil can be collected in a bigger oil collection vessel kept on the ground level. An oil collection tray is provided on the stand beneath the separator to collect the free oil from the skimmer.

Oil skimmer shall operate by skimming surface oils with a 18 mm diameter floating continuous loop tube. This tube is manufactured of a material that attracts free oils and grease, while being resistant to abrasion. Oil is removed from this tube as it passes through replaceable and adjustable scrapers system made of glass filled Nylon moulded material that will not crack or chip and is highly abrasive resistant.

Skimmer shall operate at a fixed speed of 35 rpm, with the following minimal design removal rate :
• Heavy oils – 50 LPH
• Medium oils – 25 LPH
• Light oils – 12 LPH
• Collector tube length is Tank Technical details dependent and is calculated based on the
data provided by the customer.

Skimmer main frame is constructed of Light Weight Aluminium Thick plates with all corrosion resistant epoxy paint coating materials.

Skimmer shall be supplied with rain hood cover cum safety guards. Skimmer shall be manufactured with internally lubricated for life components that do not require additional lubrication to be added to the unit.

Internal drive and driven shafts shall be driven by a chain sprocket system with tensioning arrangement that is assessable easily

Drive motor shall be 1/4 horsepower, 63 Frame, Flange Mounting type, TEFC, 415 Volt, Single or Three phase, Worm geared Motor.
A sealed lubed for life worm gearbox reducer is coupled to the motor to operate the skimmer collector tubing drive system at the appropriate speed.

The skimmer parts in contact with the collector tube, including the tube scrapers, Scapper adjusting blocks, Roller Pins for tube alignment and pressure, Finger wheel and Tube Pick Up wheel shall be made of hard, abrasion resistant material that will not crack or chip.

How Oil Skimmer Collector Tubes Works
The Tube floats on the surface of water and is driven in a continuous loop by the oil skimmer. Free-floating oils, fats and grease cling to the outside surface of the collector tube and are pulled into the oil skimmer where they are removed by tube scrapers. The material removed flows into a oil collection tray. The collector tube is then driven back to the water to remove more floating oil.






  • Tube Dia :18 mm
  • Tube Speed : 17 Metres Per Minute
  • Pulley Speed : 30 rpm
  • Direction Of Rotation : Anti Clockwise
  • OIL REMOVAL CAPACITY : 100-135 LPH Depending on the site conditions and oil viscosity.
  • Oil removal capacity of the oil skimmer may vary at the time of installation and run 0.25 HP, Three phase, AC Geared Motor of fixed 30 rpm.
  • The motor is of reputed co.having ISO 2000 Manufacturing set up.
  • The AC 3Phase Motors we use are absolute industrial grade motors with complete heavy duty construction and is guaranted for continous duty performance.
  • Oil skimmer would be ready to perform continuosly for 24 hours and for 365 days a year.
  • Suitable rain hood cover would be provided to protect the mechanism during rainy seasons if the system is to be kept in open.
  • Imported polymer Tube is used for more tube travel life as well maximum oil removal.
  • Tube has property of floating on top of the liquid and thus is capable of collecting maximum surface of the tank liquid.


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